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What Do You Want? A New Years Day Reflection

Hey Favorites,

I’m sitting here, early morning, wrapped in blankets thinking about today. New Years gets quite the hype. It’s the day to start over, think big, accomplish what you couldn’t last year. No one points out that this is probably the worst time in the year to set a goal: It’s cold, we’re getting the least amount of sunlight, and our landscape lies dormant.

Thanks Kristal! I am feeling it.

All the things are telling us that now is the time to be still, while culture says that right now is the perfect time to kill it.

The question that helps me is, “What do you want?”

Scrolling through Twitter recently, this article came to my attention. Susan David describes how changing the phrasing of “Have to” to “Want to” affects how we view and acheive the goals we make.

Jesus uses the same phrasing in Mark 10. Faced with Bartimaeus, blind from birth, who refused to be quiet about his wants and his needs was called by Jesus and asked what seems like a stupid question:

“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him.

“What do you want?”

Do we even know? When do we give ourselves the time to think or wonder what that is?

For me, the past month was nuts. Christmas concerts, shopping, deadlines, and poor eating would add together as blockage, mentally and physically. All I had left was my completed lists. Sitting here in the stillness, I can feel how tired I am. My heart needs nourishing. I don’t need more jobs or items to scratch off a to-do list or even goals to achieve.

I want tea, to hold my husband’s hand, and warmth (IT’S SO COLD!!). I want to eat food that fills me instead of stuffing my clothes. I want to be with my kids. All of my teens/tweens are changing. I want to see them through this phase. I want to be closer to Jesus and to hear His voice. He seems to have grown silent. I want to know why.

I want my life to matter. I reached out to an organization not long ago about helping them with a task. They replied, “How about the first of the year…you come and spend time with us?” “Come and be with us” was the invitation.

What do you want?

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Doing a quick google search, it seems that New Years has a different meaning for everyone – even the day that it’s celebrated is not the same around the world. This blog post by Annie Little was a refreshing take on why now might not be the best time to kick some bootay.

We have freedom here. We can start now or start later. We can decide who we want to listen to and when we want to do things. Setting and attaining goals make an immense impact on our health and self-esteem. How we approach them is what sets us in motion towards a meaningful life.

For today, I’ll be here, at home. Listening. I’ll probably do some yoga. Yin is my FAVORITE right now. And, I’ll get dressed sooner or later. Today, Kentucky is cold, gray, and quiet. And, in her stillness, she still carries a message. I want to hear what she has to say.

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