The Judith Life

Permission Granted: A Snapshot of Life in Process

The following is a minimally edited post that I wrote in a moment of pure desperation – the need to write. I had the choice to watch Nature or blog. I felt it, responded and this is what happened.

Maybe you, too, need to adult a little and make room for your dream.

If it’s the permission you need, I’ve got you covered. Sign it yourself or find someone who supports you to sign it.

Permission Slip

Let’s get on with it. We have a life to live…


Good Morning!

I’m here because I can’t be anywhere else. Do you know the burn, the ache to do exactly what you don’t have time for?

Me too.

What next?

Well, there are words that spill out of my fingers. The faucet is on.

Never mind. The family is here. My chance is gone.

I don’t want to go, though. I don’t want to watch weasels. I may have to move. I need to be here. I need to keep moving my fingers – moving, dripping, something something, something.

I will die if I do not write.

What do I do? Really? I need a solution. I can’t put my life on hold anymore. Not my writing life. It’s not working. I’m sad. I’m confused. I need to leave. (The couch, not my family)

Okay. Let’s think. Let’s adult.

Mornings are out.

Okay. No mornings.

Here. Let me look at a calendar.


Thursday is writing day.

At the end of each month, publish one post.

That’s the plan.

Start writing.

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