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Keep Walking – How to Stay Strong in Transition

Are you tired?

I’m tired.

Girl, I am so tired. I quit my job. I’m in transition. Yes, it’s scary.

I wake up not knowing what the day will bring.

It could be lovely. I may find what I need or connect to the next person that will help me get there.

Or, I could get completely thrown off. Take a hit. Miss the mark. A lot is in the air right now.

I don’t know how things will land.

Here are a few things I do to stay steady:

I know. Exercise sucks when things are going well. But, to transition well, focusing on activities that you won’t regret can help so much. Every morning, I hit my yoga mat. Yes, it’s restorative yoga. Yes, it’s sloth-slow. It’s something. I rely on the “somethings”. They will save you, too.

Make my bed:
Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Again, it’s something I never regret. At the end of the day, when nothing goes well, I crawl into a decently made bed and feel respected, loved even. It’s a small act that can change your day and bring relief at the end of it.

Find what fills me:
When the overwhelm hits, I head to the library. There is something miraculous about stacks of books and racks of resources that give me hope. It’s free. Judgment free. People help you. It’s available. All that’s required is showing up. Participating in activities that give strength me the ability to do what I need to do – like, job searching.


Find the next step:
Find the next step that moves a project forward. For today, it’s clean the car. Sign the kids up for school. Send out another resume, reach out to a recruiter recommended from a friend. Scrolling through LinkedIn is not a “next step”. Neither is checking Facebook. Find concrete actions that you that make an impact on the life you want.

Measure Progress, not Outcomes:
I heard this first on The Unmistakable Creative Podcast. It’s helped so much. I know the outcome I want. I can’t guarantee the timeline. Create solid points of progress which can be tracked and measured. It’s a fantastic episode. Please check it out.

We’ll get there. I promise. Keep walking. We’ll be shocked how close we were to the finish line. I’ll tell you the same thing everyone is telling me – Don’t stop. Don’t quit. You are almost there. Keep going.

I’m with you all the way.

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