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COVID-19 Sanity Check-In: The Easter Edition

Dear Heart,

How are you? Are you okay? Do you have what you need? Most conversations start out this way. Safety and health are my main concern. The rest, we can figure out.

First, let me hug you.

Full embrace, hard squeeze. The type that makes you cry because you haven’t been held like that in forever. It’s a good start.

Let me see your eyes. Did you ever imagine we’d live in a time like this? What’s on your mind? What is harder than expected? Easier? What surprises you?

You look hungry. Would you like some soup? This recipe saved me many times this past winter.

What else has happened? What are you learning about yourself?

How am I? Eh, I’m okay. Fear hits occasionally. I don’t listen to the news. My heart gets overwhelmed too quickly. I work, cook, and check that the kids finish their school work. I help my 6th-grade girls from church process what’s going on. I do yoga every morning. I read lots of books. I learned how to use a French Press, so that’s pretty fantastic.

If this post seems dumb, it’s because it is. We are walking around in a world we were not meant for. Not everyone is floundering while others are. I’m right there with them.

I scroll through Twitter and grow disabled by grief. My friends rail against systems we have no control over. People eye each other at the grocery store. Everyone is on the brink. I feel helpless. Small. Powerless.

This is why I’m here. This is what I can offer. Floundering words on a wasted post because I love you. God loves you. I want you to be okay. I want you to know there is more to life than sitting holed up in our houses, unsure of what happens next.

So, yeah. I believe in you. You are going to be okay, no matter what. Someday, all the madness will be made right. It’s the beauty of Easter. The joy of the resurrection is that death loses its sting. Fear can’t control us. Lies lose their power. Every rejection, hurt and heartache will find healing. Our Savior is our Savior because He lived through it. He lived through death so that you and I might live.

Here. Take a minute. Listen to this. Radiolab has a fantastic series about COVID-19. This episode put the resurrection in a whole new perspective for me. 

Next, I would appreciate your feedback.

How can I help? I’m toying around with some ideas. Which sounds helpful to you?

Each day, I post a Thankful List on Twitter – three things I’m thankful for. Would you like to join me?

What about short video posts? Yes, a vlog. It can be random thoughts or prayers. Would you appreciate more written posts? I have tons of thoughts. Untangling them is the tricky part.

Mainly, I want to hear from you. I love reading your comments.

I want to know that you’re okay.

Just let me know.

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