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But, No Seriously. How Can I Get Some Stuff Done?

I hear you.

By January 2nd, I made lists of things that I would like to change. And, that’s fine. Wanting something to be better is a healthy response, also called a Holy Discontent.

God created us for more. This truth is set deep in the heart. Made for Eden with feet set in the earth, we live struggling in the tension. Keep this in mind when processing what you want and how to attain it.

So, what do you want? Really. Turn your phone off, get in a closet if you have to and ask yourself: What do I want? What needs to be different?

Maybe one thing comes up, but if you’re like me, there could be 20 different things that you would like to change. Write them all down. Get it out of your head and down on paper. You will breathe easier. Brain space is vital for achieving the rest.

Got your list? Sweet. Now, consider the following:

  1. What’s the priority? For example, I have a goal to finish our bear claw bathtub. After a good night of sleep, I decided that a different unfinished project is a higher priority. More unfinished projects weigh down the heart, even though starting a new one feels like a new beginning.
  2. What would be Awesome? These can be small or large tasks that would just feel great, regardless of priority.
  3. What is Free? These items are anything from purging a closet to finishing a project that’s close to completion.

After categorizing your items, write down your top 3. Make sure that they are:

  1. Well Defined: Be very specific with what you want to do. “Lose weight” or “Update the house” is not definable. “Losing 10 lbs” or “Fixing the broken hinge on the back fence” is.
  2. Achievable: If the goal is sizeable (or just flat-out overwhelming), break it down into tiny pieces. “Going to the Gym twice a week” could be split into “Ask five friends what gym they prefer” and “Talk to HR to check if my company supports gym membership”.
  3. In Season: Not to make goals sound like fruit or anything, but consider if something is right for the season you are in. I tend to overload myself with tasks. I work to keep my goals at a minimum. This helps me achieve more while stressing less.

Consider using a kanban board to map out your tasks. The kitchen mirror in our house is our family goal board. It’s cool to see what the kids have wanted to accomplish and how they’ve done it. And, it’s helpful for me to have my goals split up and laid out in such a visual manner. I can see exactly what I’m doing now as well as what’s coming up in the future.

Now go announce your goals to the world!


Actually, hold off on that.

While everyone around you is declaring their goal, consider keeping yours to yourself. This Ted Talk changed my viewpoint of goal proclamation altogether.

So, yeah. Keep your goal quiet, nurture it in the dark, instead of keeping it in the glare of self satisfaction and other people’s praise or criticism.

One thing I do recommend is to find people who have been where you are and have achieved what you’ve set out to do. Many times, this will require making new connections. Find a meetup that involves the subject you want to learn about or create one to attract people with the same interests.
Ask a friend who might know someone in the field you are interested in. Create a network of people who will help you along the way.

With your new connections, ask questions that will guide your direction. Their insights will prove invaluable on your journey. Hear what they’ve learned, what roadblocks they ran into, frustrations, and excitements that you may not be aware of now. They will celebrate your achievements since they know how hard the road can be.

Finally, celebrate all of it: the success, the failures, and the frustrations.
The highlights and low points are apart of the journey. Showing up is half the battle. The rest is trusting the process.

You can do this!

I’d love to hear how it goes.

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