The Judith Life



How are you? You want to sit down? Tea or Coffee? I’ll get you a cup.

I’m glad you’re here. I’m Judy. I would love to say I’m like the Oracle from the Matrix, can look at you and tell you if you’re the One or not. She’s flawless. Me? Unfortunately, not.

Who am I?

I’m from Southern Illinois. I grew up, homeschooled, in a conservative Christian home. The greatest gift I carried from my childhood is Jesus. The rest I’m still untangling.

I love coffee. I love my people. I love sitting across the table and getting to know the person in front of me.

What I hope you experience…

A friend. I won’t put you in a box, label, or corner you. My joy is to help you find your footing. There is a lot of living to do and more distractions than we can count.

I live what I call the Unlikely Life. You probably are too. It’s where you find yourself in unlikely places living a life you hadn’t quite imagined. Disreputable guests in Mark 2:15 (The Message version) started their Unlikely Life sitting across the table with Jesus. I know how this feels. Moments like these change everything. Pursuing Him changes how I pursue healing, my career, and how I love my husband and my kiddos.

When did your Unlikely Life begin? What’s your view from where you are? What do you dream of when no one is watching? What failures have planted you, face down?

I’d love to know more.

Here’s the thing…

We could do what’s Likely. But, Likely does not equal intentional, extraordinary, or fun! Sometimes, we have to do something Unlikely to experience the impossible.

Welcome to an Unlikely spot on the planet: Where Grace exists, Wisdom cries out, a body gets to breathe, and a mind can think. Where we can talk about the hard without freaking out. We can cry without shame and laugh all the louder. Need a minute? You can have it. Prop your feet up. Take it.

Rest awhile.

I’m glad you’re here.