Judy Mosley

“Lots Of People Wear Glasses” is a terrific book that can absolutely ease the difficulty many young patients (and their families) face when given the news that they need glasses. As Katie’s personal eye doctor, I am used to giving this news to my youngsters on a daily basis. The fact that there is now a useful resource to give those patients which can hopefully lessen this apprehension is such a blessing! Thanks to Judy, Donovan and especially Katie for making this possible!

~Dr. Don Gossom Gaddie Eye Center - Louisville, KY

A feel-good story about a young daughter who needs glasses only to see that this makes her different from her classmates as she enters kindergarten. But, when she realizes many family members and friends also wear glasses, she welcomes her new look with confidence.

~Christopher J. Rairick, Ed.S Associate Principal / Athletic Director South Oldham Middle School

I love this story. It made me smile from beginning to end. It reminded me when my niece had to get glasses when she was just six months old, and I only wish this book had been available then as it was an adjustment for her. More so it was an adjustment for us as adults. This book is a beautiful reminder that we are all different from each other, but yet so much alike; we just have to look for it all around us. Beautiful story. Important Story. I would recommend this for children up to 10.

~Heather R. Nelson, Little Rock, AR President and COO | Seal Energy Solutions

Refreshingly simple, and yet poignant to the heart of every child who struggles with "not fitting in." This would be great material for pediatric optometrists/ophthalmologists to use to help kiddos who may be nervous about getting their own glasses!
~Amber Moody, NC - Mother of 3

"Lots Of People Wear Glasses" is a wonderful book to read to children who are getting glasses for the first time. Children want to fit in and they are scared of being different. This book helps them to realize they are not alone and not so different after all. I would recommend this book to any child from ages 3-7 years old.

~Rebekah Varney, Belfry, KY - Mother of 1

It was delightful! The story...the pictures...the theme. It was light....sincere....had great depth, and made me smile. I can see how children could relate to the detailed pictures and the prospect from the view of another child. Just delightful!

~Pam Fitzpatrick, Scipio, IN - Mother of 2

Judy Mosley is one of the most gifted young writers I know, and Lots of People Wear Glasses exemplifies her talent by creatively using her daughter’s own words. Lots of People Wear Glasses is a theme based book that all children entering the scary world of kindergarten should read to assist them in developing acceptance and empathy for themselves, if they wear glasses, or of others if they don’t, but are with children who do.

~Helen Dubose, Little Rock, AR - mother of 5 (Certified K4-8th grade Teacher)